Blended, balanced cups of plant-based paradise.

Apple N' Greens

Kale. Peach. Mango. Banana. Apple-strawberry juice.

Witness fruits and vegetables living in harmony, making beautiful music together. A blend of apple – strawberry juice, kale, peaches, mangos, and bananas, Apple ‘n Greens smoothie is under the Fruit & Veggie category. This smoothie provides 2 full servings of veggies in a 16oz size and tastes delicious. An excellent source of Vitamin B6 and copper. Perfect for vegetarian, vegan, non-dairy and non gluten diets.

Strawberry Whirl™

Dizzying amounts of goodness.

A delicious and satisfying blend of passionfruit-mango juice, kale, mangos and plain yogurt. Kale-ribbean Breeze smoothie is under the Classic Category. This smoothie provides 1 full serving of veggies in a 16oz size and tastes delicious . An excellent source of Vitamins A and C, while a good source of calcium and iron. It is perfect for non-gluten and vegetarian diets.

Five Fruit Frenzy™

Hold on to your hats…

Get ready to be engulfed in a whirlwind of fruit flavor. Strawberry, banana, blueberry, mango and peach all vie for supremacy in a flavor tornado the likes of which your taste buds have never experienced.

Mega Mango™

Whoa, that’s one big mango.

Gaze upon our towering monolith to the mango. We offer up strawberries, exotic juices and of course piles of mangos in order to appease our mighty lord of the fruits. It is good, and he is pleased.