Three full servings of fruits and veggies

Apple ‘n Greens

Kale. Peach. Mango. Banana. Apple-strawberry juice.

Witness fruits and vegetables living in harmony, making beautiful music together. A blend of apple – strawberry juice, kale, peaches, mangos, and bananas, Apple ‘n Greens smoothie is under the Fruit & Veggie category. This smoothie provides 2 full servings of veggies in a 16oz size and tastes delicious. An excellent source of Vitamin B6 and copper. Perfect for vegetarian, vegan, non-dairy and non gluten diets.

Kale-ribbean Breeze

Kale. Mango. Greek Yogurt. Passion-mango Juice.

A delicious and satisfying blend of passionfruit-mango juice, kale, mangos and plain yogurt. Kale-ribbean Breeze smoothie is under the Classic Category. This smoothie provides 1 full serving of veggies in a 16oz size and tastes delicious . An excellent source of Vitamins A and C, while a good source of calcium and iron. It is perfect for non-gluten and vegetarian diets.

Berry Upbeet

Blueberry. Strawberry. Mango. Mixed berry juice. Red vegetable juice (kale, carrot, spinach, broccoli, beet, lettuce)

A tasty blend of berries and vegetable juices. Fruit comes together with veggies in this delightful blend of berries and mixed vegetable juice. Made with strawberries, blueberries, mangoes and a blend of juices from carrots and beets with some green thrown in for good measure. This smoothie is excellent source of Vitamins A, C and fiber. Ingredients used for Berry UpBeet are good for non-dairy, non-gluten, vegan and vegetarian diets.

Smoothies rich in protein, zinc and antioxidant (may contain milk and/or soy)

Protein Berry Workout – Soy

Strawberry. Banana. Soymilk + protein boost.

Part of the pre-boosted smoothie with Soy Protein boost made up from soymilk, strawberries and bananas. Protein Berry Workout is a good source of vitamin B6, manganese and an excellent source of vitamin C. For allergen, this smoothie contains soybeans and traces of wheat.

Acai Supercharger

Acai Juice. Blueberry. Strawberry. Raspberry sherbet. Soymilk + zinc & antioxidant boost.

Super fruits are collection of smoothies rich in Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid). These campaigns include Acai Supercharger, Protein Berry Workout with Whey and Protein Berry Workout with Soy.

Berry Pomegranate

Blueberry. Banana. Raspberry sherbet. Pomegranate juice. Frozen yogurt.

Berry Pomegranate Power is a perfect combination of sweet and tart blend of bananas, blueberries, vanilla frozen yogurt, sherbet with raspberry and pomegranate juice. This superfruit smoothie provides 2.5 full servings of fruits in a 16oz size. Packed with antioxidant, Berry Pomegranate Power is an excellent source of Potassium, Vitamins C and B6 while a good source of Iodine, Riboflavin and Calcium. Known allergen for this smoothie includes milk while perfect for non-gluten and vegetarian diets.